Show Descriptions & Schedule

(To Download a one page schedule of when shows are being performed and at which venue, click here. You’ll need to enlarge/zoom in on the image!)

      • A Trois, by Barry Hall, directed by Rae MacEachern
        Love and sex. Why? Because it’s not as if it’s something you choose to do. You just do.
        Warning: 14+ Sexual subject matter and coarse language.
      • Basement Santa, by Rajneesh Dhawan, directed by Thomas Smith
        While Santa tries to learn to be a Canadian with help from his landlord, his fake green card wife schemes with her real boyfriend to attain Santa’s wealth. When everyone’s secrets are revealed, hilarity ensues.
        Warning: Language and mature content.
      • Canadian Content, written and directed by Darcy J. Knopp
        Ivan has written the kind of play that Michael Bay dreams about when he is lonely. The trouble is the CBC wants something more…Canadian.  Ivan and his friends are determined to stay up all night to come up with a script that tastes like maple syrup and smells like a moose.
        Warning: Swearing, adult themes, alcohol use. If you’re bringing children, you’ll have some explaining to do after the show.
      • 1. Caught in the Act by Bruce Kane, directed by Kayla Alfred
        Two people who are trapped in a small world work hard to break through their barriers and take control of their lives.
        2. A Bench on the Edge by Luigi Jannuzzi, directed by Stephanie Morrison
        When two people talk to one another on the edge of the abyss, what do they talk about? Taking a step off of it, of course.
      • Confessions of a Grocery Clerk, written and directed by Lauren Trotzuk.
        This brand new musical follows Emma, the newest cashier, as she discovers the ups and downs of the job, meets the other quirky cashiers, and finds a place to belong.
      • 1. Dead Boy by Craig Wright, directed by Martina Anne Doucte
        Sam, Lara, and Devon sit around a Ouija board, trying to reach the famous Dead Boy. Despite their skepticism, strange things begin to happen. Dead Boy, are you there?
        2. In On It by Daniel MacIvor, directed by Anna Dokshina
        A story about a dying man trying to make plans for the end, a pair of lovers trying to make it work, and two people trying to make a play. A world where accidents happen.
      • And they lived HAPPILY NEVER AFTER… adapted and directed by Jacqui Higginbottom, from the play by Tim Kelly.
        The course of true love does not run smoothly: Sleeping Beauty does nothing but nap; the Frog Prince refuses to give up his amphibian ways; and nothing will pry Cinderella away from her beloved cinders. Our unhappy fairy tale characters demand the Grimm Siblings make some changes, which they do, but not in the way you might think! Find out if things end up truly Happily Ever After. Suitable for all ages.
      • The Last Five Years by Jason Robert Brown, directed by Steffi Munshaw
        A powerful and intimate musical about two New Yorkers in their twenties who fall in and out of love over the course of five years. The show’s unconventional structure consists of Cathy telling her story backwards while Jamie tells his story chronologically; the two characters only meet once, at their wedding in the middle of the show.
        Warning: Adult language and sexual innuendo.
      • The Life History of the African Elephant by Clem Martini, directed by Tina Sharkey
        This play about elephants and humans explores the imagination, frailty, and spirit of animals in captivity.
      • SimPhoney Improv: Whose ‘Wack Is It Anyway?
        And now for something completely different. Join Chilliwack’s own fast-paced six pack of humour as we bring quick-witted thinking and a gaggle of laughs from waaaayyyy outside the box to this creative unscripted comedy show. No two shows will be the same!
      • Three Love Spats written and directed by Alex Rake
        The Early Valentine; Convergence and Cleopatra; Josie (or, It Came from Lake Honeymoon).
        Warning: Adult language and sexual themes.
      • 1. The Way Of All Fish by Elaine May, directed by Erik Stephany
        A tumultuous blend of comedy and suspense. This show guarantees to leave the audience laughing, but only from the edge of their seats.
        2. The Most Massive Woman Wins by Madeline George, directed by Morgan Benedict
        Challenging, brutal, and hilarious. Four women of various shapes and sizes sitting in a waiting room of a liposuction clinic explore their perceptions of body image.


  • ALSO: The Rickrack in the ‘Wack Opening Ceremony will be at 4:30pm, May 3rd in the Rotary Hall of the Chilliwack Cultural Centre. This event is free and open to all. Please join us for the Opening Ceremony!